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Industrial Control Systems Development

Nuclear Control Systems Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Motion Control Engineering

Industrial Data Acquisition

Software Engineering

Process Instrument Fieldbus Integration

MuSoft Services
Industrial Control Systems Development and Integration
  • System requirements definition and review

  • Control system architecture definition, including industrial networks (ethernet, ProfiBus, DeviceNet, SERCOS, EtherCAT)

  • Drive systems development to support servos and VFDs over industrial networks

  • PLC application development (Modicon using Unity Pro; GE-Fanuc using Proficy Machine Edition) using modern IEC61131-3 languages

  • Development of custom User Defined Function Blocks (DFBs), which hide underlying complexity and allow the application programmer to focus on using a block with a simple user interface

  • Vision Systems PLC interface

  • Test Plan development and systems test reporting

  • Systems integration testing support in client’s lab and commissioning support at end-user site

Nuclear Control Systems Engineering

  • Computer System Requirements definition and review

  • Design Requirements – writing & review

  • Design Description document preparation & review

  • Test Plan development; test reporting; system validation to requirements

  • Leading of system level or detail level design reviews

  • Development (design, testing, commissioning) of fully automatic robotic tooling

Electrical Engineering

  • System requirements definition and review

  • Power and control component specification and selection

  • Servo & Variable Frequency AC drives specification and selection

  • Industrial network architecture development

  • Control panel layout, drawings, and fabrication

  • Testing and commissioning

Motion Control Engineering

  • Application development for control of robots, servo drives and VFD’s for custom robotic tooling/machines, palletizing, material handling, inspection, and monitoring

  • Use of the latest technology to improve safety, efficiency and productivity of client’s processes

Industrial Data Acquisition

  • Requirements specification development with client

  • Structured application design

  • Programming in IEC-61131-3 (PLC's), C, or Visual Basic

  • HMI development in Wonderware, Intellution, WinCC (Siemens), or Monitor Pro (Modicon)

  • Hardware / software integration

  • Intranet / internet / fieldbus connectivity

  • Distributed I/O via industry standard fieldbuses:
    • ProfiBus-DP
    • HART
    • Modbus
    • Foundation Fieldbus
    • DeviceNet

Software Engineering

  • Software Engineering including requirements specification, structured system design, modular programming, structured testing, and system integration

  • Structured Programming in IEC-61131-3, C, Visual Basic,and assembly languages

  • Embedded development for PIC, Motorola and Rabbit Semiconductor micro controllers

  • PLC application development in industry standard IEC-61131-3 language set (FBD, SFC, LD, ST)

Process Instrument Fieldbus Integration

MuSoft will integrate fieldbus connectivity into industrial measurement products, including:

  • ProfiBus
  • HART (including device descriptions, or DD's)
  • Modbus
  • Industrial Ethernet
We would be pleased to help with any or all aspects of adding one or more fieldbuses to your process instruments. MuSoft promotes a modular architecture, which allows a variety of fieldbus modules to share a common product interface.

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